Secret Youtube Master Course -Earn 30 to 40 thousand monthly From YouTube

Secret Youtube Master Course -Earn 30 to 40 thousand monthly From YouTube

In 999 rupees, you will not only get a chance to earn lakhs of rupees but also learn something that will make you different from your family, friends, relatives and millions, you will get a new approach and way to earn money. You have learned in the past years that you will learn in hours or days.

With the help of this course, I am earning 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees every month. In today's time, we do not even get clothes in a fashionable way, but still I am giving you these courses so cheaply because I just want you to go ahead in your life and earn money.

What will be found in this course?

?? The secret way to make money from YouTube, which only 15-20 people know
???? Complete information from start to earning lakhs of rupees
???? Complete information about editing videos from mobile
???? Complete information on how to create a thumbnail that goes viral
???? How to make YouTube videos viral, complete information
???? My Own Finding Secret Way to Earn Millions of Rupees
???? A chance to join the secret YouTube master Facebook group, where there are many people like you who started from zero and are earning millions today.
???? My years of experience squeeze juice, juice


Apart from this, the entire page will be filled by writing.

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Full Course Information!

Module 0

Video 1: Proof of this secret method
Video 2: Live-proof of my viral video in 1 hour


Video 1: What will happen in this course
Video 2: How much money you can earn from this course
Video 3: How this approach works

Module 1
Video 1: How to name YouTube channel correctly
Video 2: How to make YouTube channel banner
Video 3: How to make YouTube channel logo
Video 4: How to make YouTube channel properly

Module 2
Video 1: How to find a video topic that goes viral in minutes
Video 2: How to get help from other YouTube channels

Module 3
Video 1: How to create a YouTube thumbnail that goes viral
Video 2: My thumbnail that earned millions of rupees for free

Module 4
Video 1: Complete information about video editing from mobile
Video 2: Viral video template free
Video 3: How to Use Videos of Others
Video 4: How to make your own viral videos
Extra: What is the correct method of video editing
Extra: What kind of video would be best for earning money

Module 5
Video 1: How to use the YT Studio app properly
Video 2: How to write a title that goes viral
Video 3: How to write a viral description
Video 4: How to write tags that are instantly viral
Video 5: How to optimize video
* Extra: Extra tip for making video viral

Video: How to test for viral

Bonus section

Video 1: A secret method that no one will tell
Video 2: How to use Sharing Technique
Video 3: TTQ Formula
Video 4: How to earn more money by building a team
Extra: files needed

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