Google Marketing -Get Your Business Promoted Through Google

Google Marketing -Get Your Business Promoted Through Google

MHV Media specializes in Google Marketing Solutions that are Google Ads sense and SEO marketing services.

In June 2018, Google announced the fusion of its marketing products into Google Marketing Platform. This platform is unified advertising and analytics platform for more innovative marketing and better outcomes.

But what is Google Marketing Itself? Lets learn about it!

What Is Google Marketing?

Google Marketing Platform is a fusion of two of Googles essential marketing products:

  • Analytics 360 Suite
  • Double Click

This is one of the characteristics of Google, and the company wants to create an integrated and consistent marketing experience. The platform has seven main elements:

  • Analytics
  • Data Studio
  • Optimize
  • Surveys
  • Tag Manager
  • Display and Video 360
  • Search Ads 360

MHV Media runs Google ads campaigns, also known as PPC, including consultancy, strategy, campaign setup, execution & reporting.

We specialize in consumer intent-driven digital marketing, which is the future of digital marketing.

MHV Media offer the following services under Google Marketing Platform:

Google Search Ads

Google Marketing Platform services range from Google Ads setup, execution, optimization & reporting. Keeping in view the budget of the organization, objectives, and intent framework, we run campaigns that are well structured. The most relevant keyword research does in-depth research.

Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads are a great way to create brand awareness and stay on top of mind through remarketing.

Google Shopping Campaigns

Are you a retailer and want to increase conversions? If yes, then you can use Google Shopping Campaigns under Google Marketing Platform.

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads are a great way to generate leads and sales. Now, YouTube is moving towards performance that means you can leverage YouTube video ads to drive conversions.

Universal App Campaigns (UAC)

Google Universal App campaigns (UAC) are a great way to find the most potential users for your App. Googles advanced machine learning technology will place various ads across Googles most significant properties & partner websites to find the best users for your App. We help you integrate Google Firebase SDK to track in-app behavior to generate insights to improve the App & to set up UAC.

Things You Should Know About Google Marketing Platform

Before using the Google Marketing Service, one should know about the following things about the Google Marketing Platform:

  • Google Marketing Platform Supports More Than 100 Other Solutions

The word platform in Google Marketing Platform indicates multiple offerings that allow marketers and businesses to use what works for them. Moreover, it adds and integrates into house solutions. This platform is not just a cookie-cutter product that marketers can take and leave. A business owns all the data that they collect in the Google Marketing Platform. Moreover, they have complete control and access over it. Google Marketing Platform uses more than 100 other integrations. These compatible exchanges and measurement solutions allow the users to interact with their data in whatever way works best for their business and all from a single user interface.

  • Google Marketing Platform renames DoubleClick features

Google Marketing Platform decided to rename the double click feature because it believes that the Google brand resonates more with the users. However, the rename also provides more continuity during the transition to Google Platform.

  • Google Marketing Platform features Google Marketing Platform Partners

Along with the Google Marketing Platform, Google now also offers Google Marketing Platform Partners. More than 500 certified technology companies, media companies, interactive agencies, and other businesses partner with Google Marketing Platform.

These partners focus on training and skill-building for all Google Marketing Platform products. These partners consist of three categories:

  1. Certified Companies
  2. Certified Individuals
  3. Sales Partners
  • Google Marketing Platform adds cross-device capabilities

Google Marketing Platform is also enhancing existing Google products. One of the main improvements is the addition of Cross-Device capabilities to Google Analytics.

The Cross-Device feature allows you to see the journey users take on your site across multiple devices, as well as where they are in the conversion funnel on each device.

MHV Media is the best solution to all your Google Marketing techniques that are discussed above.

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